When Tax Specialist, Matt Chardon opens up about life’s twists and turns, the storyline reads something like the life of Ted Mosby, the lead character of the comedy sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Except for the obvious fact that Matt is not an architect, he does not have friends called Lily, Marshall and Barney, and he does not hang out at MacLaren’s Pub in New York City. It is the part about how he met his now wife and mother of his two children, where the similarities come into play.

The story starts in the early 2000s when Matt moved from the northern suburbs of Brisbane and said goodbye to his role in the manufacturing industry. Seeking a career change, he enrolled as a mature age student at the University of Southern Queensland and started a new life in the Garden City. As someone who had always excelled at maths and enjoyed preparing his own tax return, he said that the field of accounting seemed like a sensible choice.

Similar to Ted Mosby, Matt crossed paths with his now wife while at university. Sadly, the meet-cute was not the start of a budding romance, Matt went on to graduate and landed a full-time role at the firm working as a Graduate Accountant.

It was 2006 when Matt arrived for his first day on the job. He remembers how friendly everyone was and recalls spending most of the day working alongside Client Services Officer, Jenny who guided him through general housekeeping and set him up on BankLink entering transactions.

He recalls how much smaller the office felt with only around 50 staff spread across the three floors and although he admits that systems and processes were fairly automated at that stage, there were less applications which in some ways, made it simpler.

A few years into his role, Matt returned to university to provide marking assistance to one of the university professors and it was at that time that he again crossed paths with Toni. When asked whether like in the television series, Toni carried a yellow umbrella, Matt laughed and admitted that he has no idea. He does, however, remember asking her out on their first date and speaks fondly about how their love blossomed in the years that followed.

So how does the story end? For Matt, it’s one of those happily ever after endings. A few years later, he married Toni and since then, they have grown to a family of four.