Are you guilty of paying lazy tax?

Let’s face it, life is busy. You have bills to pay, responsibilities to look after and a growing to-do list that if we’re honest, is probably never going to get done. Are we right? With health insurance set to rise again on 1 April by up to four per cent, it’s a hot topic and a good excuse to finally switch and save. We’ve put pen to paper to list the best way to approach getting a good deal on your insurance and what tips can help get you started.

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Single Touch Payroll: What your business needs to know

Last year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) announced upcoming changes to tax and super reporting and from 1 July 2018, employers with 20 or more staff will be required to use Single Touch Payroll. Businesses with less than 20 employees have a proposed...

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Business or hobby? That is the question

Do you have a side interest? A hobby or business idea that you are passionate about and one day, hope to turn into a small business venture? With more than 2.2 million actively trading small businesses across the country, there is a growing trend of...

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Online security

Have you heard about 2SA or 2FA? In ‘tech talk’, it stands for two-step or two-factor authentication and it is the latest move in online security being adopted by big brands to prevent breaches. So how does it work and should you be using it where you can in your business?

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Remember When with Scott Cutmore

Turning back the clock three decades to 1988, it was a time of acid wash jeans, cassette tapes and Pac-Man. In the same year, graduate accountant, Scott Cutmore was pounding the pavement to land his first professional role. Following an extensive and formal interview at a competing firm, he arrived on the steps of 21 Duggan Street to meet with McConachie Stedman Partner, Mick Cumner.

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Super confused? Lifting the lid on superannuation

Are you a superannuation guru? Do you know the ins and outs of your fund, its investments and how it rates performance wise each year? Or like many Australians, do you find the terminology confusing, get heart palpitations trying to make heads and tails of your statement and prefer to adopt the, ‘I’ll bury my head into the sand until I HAVE to figure it out’ approach? If you’re nodding to not understanding the complex scope of superannuation, you’re not alone.

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