Turning back the clock three decades to 1988, it was a time of acid wash jeans, cassette tapes and Pac-Man. Australia was under the leadership of Bob Hawke, crowds were flocking to Expo 88, and audiences were laughing at the new TV sketch show, The Comedy Company featuring Con the Fruiterer and Kylie Mole.

But in the quiet, country town of Toowoomba, local accounting firm, McConachie Stedman was doing some celebrating of their own. Founding partner Bruce Stedman, was proudly displaying firm banners and balloons to celebrate 40 years of serving the local community.

In the same year, graduate accountant, Scott Cutmore was pounding the pavement to land his first professional role. Following an extensive and formal interview at a competing firm, he arrived on the steps of 21 Duggan Street to meet with McConachie Stedman Partner, Mick Cumner.

Recalling the events of the day, Scott shared the first, crucial question asked by Mr Cumner which sealed his decision to accept the position.

“What did you think of the cricket?” He asked Scott.

As an avid sports fan, Scott was immediately confident with his choice of employer and thirty years later, his instinct is testament to the importance of first impressions.

During his time with the firm, Scott’s contribution extends from nurturing client relations to building a team of tax specialists with a complimentary blend of experience. Over the years, he has accrued an extensive understanding of peripheral taxes and played a pivotal role during the introduction of the GST, travelling the region to support clients to adapt to the new tax system.

But as a Director, Scott is open and candid about his most valued achievement, which is having the opportunity to support staff to put a roof over their heads, food on their tables and build a bright future for their families.

His pragmatic approach to leadership and wicked sense of humour constantly add value to team meetings and functions. Although he admits that when he retires down the track, he will probably be remembered as ‘the funny kid’, he would also like to think that his professional knowledge and commitment to provide a high level and personable service to clients, will be somewhere in the mix.