When it comes to knowing what you want in life and where you are heading, it takes a person with vision, tenacity and a profound sense of self to see through the bumpy ride from start to finish.

Firm Director, Amanda Roberts is one of those confident and driven women who from an early age knew where she wanted life to take her. She meticulously packed her bags for the journey, purchased a one-way ticket and despite a five-year detour to start a family, in 2017 she reached her destination when she became a Director.

Reflecting on what has been her main driver in reaching her career destination, Amanda fondly attributes her work ethic and ambition to her family.  As small business owners since Amanda was a child, they paved the way and inspired her decision to become an accountant before she started high school.

Fast-forward a decade of schooling and memorable world events including, the release of the Nintendo Game Boy in 1989, the first Big Day Out festival in 1992 and the release of the iconic movie, Forrest Gump in 1994, after 18 months at Heritage Building Society, Amanda clocked on for her first day on the job as a graduate accountant in 1997.

It was Thursday, 29 May and Amanda still remembers that nervous, first day feeling. As she walked through the door at 21 Duggan Street, founding Partner, Bruce Stedman welcomed her and asked her jokingly what she was doing there. In a time when paper-based accounting was still best practice, Amanda remembers spending her first day at the firm working on a cashbook for a client that was a metre wide.

Over the years that followed, Amanda dedicated herself to her clients and worked passionately alongside an experienced and supportive team. Gaining expertise in the areas of taxation and superannuation, she decided after ten years of service to take a leave of absence from full-time work to start a family.

Talking candidly about her career detour, Amanda affirms that the decision she made was the right one for her and her family.

She relishes in the years she spent at home with her children and highly commends the support offered by the firm to provide flexible working arrangements. It gave her the opportunity to work remotely and on a part-time basis.

Today, Amanda has returned to a full-time role with the firm, however, she still remains an advocate for working parents and those seeking more of a work-life balance. She believes that where practically possible, working with staff to provide flexible working arrangements as their needs change, drives a positive working environment and promotes staff retention.

Amanda’s role as a full-time Director and mother requires constant juggling and she openly admits that it is only possible due to her wonderful at-home support network, which includes her husband, her Mum and extended family. Even with a support base, Amanda acknowledges that it is not possible to “do it all” and says that when it comes to her family, she always tries to be there for the important things, moving her day around and often working at night to make it work.

Working in an environment where people and family are valued is something Amanda is very proud of and as one of the newer leaders of the firm, she is determined to nurture this culture into the future.

As the female voice of the directorship, Amanda values the work and precedent set by the women who have walked before her. She looks forward to a bright future in an evolving industry and continuing to work alongside her clients and colleagues to achieve great things.