If there was an award for the nicest guy in accounting, Director, Scott Maroske would be a serious contender. A quiet achiever and self-confessed family man, Scott is a straight laced and well-respected firm leader who underneath his shy exterior, hides a mischievous and sometimes, funny persona.

Driving the firm’s successful Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) service, Scott is genuinely passionate about his work. Like a kid in a candy store, Scott lights up when he starts talking about investments, funds and how he helps clients navigate their way to retirement.

Scott’s interest in the industry started at an early age when as a high school student he undertook work experience at the firm. Four short years later and in his final year of university, Scott landed the role of Graduate Accountant and he joined the tax team managed by former Partners, Ian Yeo and Jane Heidrich.

It was July 1999 when Scott started at the firm. He headed to work in his 1984 red Toyota Corolla on a Monday morning for his first day on the job. He was late, 15 minutes late to be precise when he walked through the doors at 21 Duggan Street and realised that he had the incorrect start time. It was 8:00am not 8:30am he admits shaking his head in dismay.

Scott remembers something special about his first week at the firm and it wasn’t the bank statements he coded or the data entry he completed. He recalls a sudden feeling that fell over him. Likening it to an epiphany, he says that he came to the sudden realisation that this is what he would be doing for the next 40 or 50 years. He admits it was a heavy and unexpected thought that has always stayed with him.

Over the years that followed, Scott worked on typical tasks relating to taxation and accounting. However, he says that it was always client SMSFs folders that he enjoyed the most.

When the firm created a specialist SMSF division in 2006, Scott leapt at the opportunity to manage the team. Unbeknown to him, this would be the beginning of what would become the largest SMSF administration provider across the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region.

When asked what it is about SMSFs that he likes, Scott admits that he is a perfectionist and because of this, he is drawn to the structured processes. He likes how every number is confirmed through the audit process, adding certainty and reassurance.

Today, Scott is a Director of the firm and leads a dedicated team of ten SMSF specialists. Unsurprisingly, he is looking forward to retiring down the track and has a well-considered plan already in motion. For Scott, his personal motivation to live out a comfortable and early retirement is what drives his passion to help his clients plan for the life they want and it seems, this has served as the foundation of his success.