Behind the scenes of the firm’s Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Team, the sounds of many hands at work can be heard across the office floor. From fingers typing to printers churning, papers rustling and staplers popping, the gentle murmuring of processing sounds fill the team workstations. For SMSF Officer, Rebecca, the familiar sounds, fast-paced environment and close-knit culture is something she has grown to appreciate over the past 18 years.

Before joining the McConachie Stedman family in the year 2000, Rebecca assumed she would pursue a career in the legal profession where she had a keen interest. However, when she applied for a role advertised with the firm, she took an unexpected turn into the accounting scene.

When asked about the early days of her career, Rebecca recalls waiting for her interview at the Duggan Street office and watching former, veteran Receptionist, Charmaine working the phones. She admits wondering how she would ever be able to master the complicated switchboard but master it she did when she landed the role just a few, short weeks later.

Stepping into the role of Office Assistant, Rebecca still remembers the overwhelming feeling that fell over her on her first day. Former colleague, Christie showed her the ropes as they ran errands, picked up the mail and created letters for incoming Notices of Assessment. After a year on the job, Rebecca made the move into tax and in the years that followed, she remembers working closely with former Partner, Ian Yeo who she says taught her much of what she knows today.

It was around 2007, when Rebecca joined the SMSF Team led by Director, Scott Maroske and she admits that she enjoys the industry more than taxation. Like many of her colleagues, she likes the black and white nature of SMSFs and having to substantiate each number. She says it compliments her love of lists and she enjoys ticking everything off.

When asked what she considers one of the firm’s biggest changes over the past two decades, Rebecca acknowledges the shift towards flexible working arrangements. From the traditional working day of 8am to 5pm, Rebecca says that as time passed and staff needed more time with their families, the firm adopted a more flexible approach.  She says, that this change allowed her to continue working after she had her own children.

When talking about her career and personal life, Rebecca has a profound confidence about the value she places on having a real work/life balance. She acknowledges that for her, having a role where she can separate work pressures from home pressures plays a pivotal role in balancing her commitments and inspiring a full and happy life.

Outside of life’s juggles, Rebecca is a singer and enjoys singing in a local choir each week. A shared passion, her daughters recently joined in, attending a children’s choir that she mentors. Moving into the future, Rebecca’s plans are simple. Although she says buying a house is on the cards, she looks forward to supporting her children during their schooling years and spending time as a family.