It was December 1995, just a month after starting with the firm, when one of Tanya’s most memorable moments took place. The backdrop was the timbered landscape of Perseverance Dam in the scenic town of Crows Nest and nestled in amongst the Christmas decorations were fellow colleagues and their partners enjoying the annual McConachie Stedman party.

For Tanya, since starting her administration role in the taxation team, she had worked predominantly with former Partner, Mick Cumner. She was a member of a small team and until that time, she had never met her infamous colleague, Myles Smith who had been jet-setting around the globe on a Contiki tour. Tanya laughs as she remembers the first time she met him that festive night and recants that he walked in wearing a bandana, thongs and a loud shirt. She admits that she was surprised he was an accountant given his unconventional wardrobe choices and says there were many laughs as the introductions took place.

Unlike a mixed tape of top hits, Tanya’s fond memories of her time with the firm don’t end in the summer of ’95. From the cosy matrix of the Duggan Street office to growing staff numbers each of the two times she returned from maternity leave, her recollections of memorable work moments span more than two decades. When she talks about her years in the business, she admits that she has always enjoyed coming to work and has deep gratitude towards the nurturing team she works alongside.

Over the years, the team has grown considerably but she says the close-knit feel is something that has never faulted. She remembers working in the archive room at the Duggan Street office when systems were still paper-based, laughing with colleagues as they filed for days at a time. She says they would sing-a-long to the radio and on occasion, enter a competition which would reward them with a round of pizzas when they struck it lucky.

Firm social events are another special memory Tanya recalls in the early days. She explains that team members would often play a round of golf on the weekend followed by dinner at former Partner, Bill Barrett’s house. His wife Louise would cook up a feast, including her famous dish, Semitrailer Soup which Tanya says was always a big hit.

When summing up her time at McConachie Stedman, Tanya’s outlook is warm and friendly, much like her approach to life. A busy mum and wife, it doesn’t take long when talking to Tanya to realise that she wears her heart on her sleeve. Kind and supportive, she is always willing and ready to step up and help her colleagues who she considers her friends. From general work tasks to making nappy cakes for expecting mums and cooking for colleagues too, Tanya has an inspiring respect for the concept of teamwork.

Moving into the future, Tanya says that she is looking forward to watching her daughter finish school and when her nest is empty, putting more energy into her work. With technology playing such a finite role in the future of the business, she is keen to invest time in keeping up-to-date with the changes.