It was 2007 when Tax Specialist, Kelly made the career move to McConachie Stedman. The same year Apple made headlines with the launch of the first iPhone and 90s pop group, The Spice Girls hit the world stage for their reunion tour. For Kelly, life wasn’t like the smash hit, Wannabe and she didn’t “really, really, really wanna a zigazig ah.” Instead, she had her sights ambitiously set on taking the next step in her career.

Born and raised in the regional township of Dalby, Kelly shares that she moved to the Garden City after finishing high school. She later studied a dual degree of commerce and marketing at the University of Southern Queensland but admits that it wasn’t until she undertook practical experience at a competing firm, that her career in the industry was truly decided.

Kelly explains that she has always had a desire to help people and while growing up, those around her assumed she would aspire to work with children. However, Kelly says she has always had a keen interest in working in the business space and particularly enjoys working alongside small business owners to help them develop capacity and the financial skills they need to grow their business.

Talking about the early days at the firm, Kelly remembers dropping by the Ruthven Street office with her resume. She landed an interview with former Partner, Ian Yeo and a few weeks later, arrived to join his and former Partner, Jane Heidrich’s team. She admits that she can’t remember many specific details of her first week with the firm but does recall feeling like she had been thrown in the deep end and it was a steep learning curve as she was exposed to different clients and scenarios than previously experienced.

In the first few years, Kelly says she remembers an audit trip to Brisbane where she joined a number of team members from across the firm. She recalls that the job took up to a week and confides that there were a number of pranks played including, creating some confusion by swapping two wireless mice and repeatedly hiding a chocolate Easter rabbit. She laughs as she admits that everyone appreciated the humorous breaks in between the long hours.

With an affinity for marketing, it is no surprise that Kelly’s most memorable moments centre around the firm’s collaborative, community efforts. From food drives to race days, Kelly shares that in the early days she enjoyed being involved in the social calendar and sat on the committee for organising the St Andrew’s Race Day, which raised in excess of $40,000.

Fast-forward several years and today, Kelly works part-time following the arrival of her two children, Lara and Hayley. She shares that after returning from leave, she transitioned into former Partner, Bill Barrett and Director, Mark Liesch’s team.

Kelly says that since becoming a mum, she appreciates the flexibility in her job, which has played an integral role in her ability to move forward with her career at the firm. She explains that these days, she works predominantly from the office but still enjoys some client-facing work.

When it comes to choosing what she loves most about her role, Kelly admits that there are a few to pick from. Seeing a job through from start to finish always delivers a sense of fulfilment and so does helping clients to build their business and improve their financial future. Working alongside a great team also sits at the top of the list and the fact that there are a number of resident team chefs, well that is an added bonus.

Kelly explains that former Partner, Bill was renowned for his baking talents and even won a number of firm bake-off challenges. With Director, Mark also a whiz in the kitchen, Kelly says that he will often bring in delectable treats to share, including a memorable snickers cheesecake. She shares that the team enjoys coming together to share team lunches and morning teas and to celebrate special occasions, and it is gestures like these that inspire a lovely team culture.

Outside of the firm, Kelly shares that her family comes together through a love a music. Her husband, Tim plays the drums on the weekends and her and her children join him at events as his entourage, cheering him on. Moving into the future, Kelly admits that it’s business as usual with a young family but she does have ambitious family holiday plans to embark on a cruise in 2022 to celebrate an important birthday milestone.